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On January 3, K.M. Walton’s CRACKED will be released!!

Here’s the synopsis of CRACKED from Goodreads:
Sometimes there’s no easy way out.

Victor hates his life. He has no friends, gets beaten up at school, and his
parents are always criticizing him. Tired of feeling miserable, Victor takes a
bottle of his mother’s sleeping pills—only to wake up in the hospital.
Bull is angry, and takes all of his rage out on Victor. That makes him feel
better, at least a little. But it doesn’t stop Bull’s grandfather from getting
drunk and hitting him. So Bull tries to defend himself with a loaded gun.
When Victor and Bull end up as roommates in the same psych ward, there’s no way
to escape each other or their problems. Which means things are going to get
worse—much worse—before they get better.

For my interview with K. M. Walton, as well as info on her two contests, go to YAFusion.