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Milan’s mom is a senator. Her dad was too, before he was killed in a car accident. When Milan gets kicked out of her boarding school, her mom comes to pick her up in the family plane. But on the way home, the plane crashes. Stranded in the snow, Milan must fight to survive while keeping one step ahead of a dangerous killer. This young adult thriller with a touch of romance is a fast-paced gem told from multiple viewpoints (Milan, a hit-woman, and a victim of a man-made environmental disaster). I loved the tie-in to the Wizard of Oz and have to admit that I didn’t guess where the data critical to unraveling this mystery was hiding. The villains in this story are multi-faceted and at times surprising. Be prepared to stay up late reading just one more chapter! Stay Dead releases May 28, 2024. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy.