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Strap on your virtual skis this October for a wild reading adventure – my YA romantic thriller set at a ski academy in Vermont is set to release on October 8, 2024 with BHC Press!

While it’s not yet up for pre-order, you can add it to Goodreads here.
Bloggers and reviewers can race on over to NetGalley to download an advance copy before March 31 or on Edelweiss starting April 1. After that, there will be giveaways on Library Thing in July and August.

Without further ado, here’s the book description and the awesome cover!

Kate’s dad was a cop. And now he’s dead. Killed in a random shooting in the quiet suburb of Maplewood, where random shootings never happen.

Before he died, he gave Kate a piece of paper and left very explicit instructions: Don’t read it. Don’t show anyone. Burn it.

But when Kate discovers a quarter of a million dollars her dad hid inside her guitar case, she discovers his secret. Her dad wasn’t just a cop. He was also a thief.

The last thing Kate ever promised her dad was that she wouldn’t tell. Not her mom. Not the cops. No one. So when her mom takes a job at a ski academy in Vermont, Kate hides the money and tries to forget.

Kate is more than out of her league at this mecca for competitive skiing—she doesn’t even know how to ski. That is until Ryan, the school’s shining star, takes her onto the ski slopes and skis off with her heart.

Just as things are heating up on the slopes, the past hits Kate like an avalanche. Random accidents are becoming commonplace and the people she cares about are being hurt. When a mysterious package arrives with a reminder to stay quiet, Kate and Ryan are forced to search for answers with the only clue Kate has left: everything she promised her dad she would forget.