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Welcom Poster White Pines

I had a super fun school visit Thursday at White Pines Middle School and Heritage High School in Saginaw!! The day started with a themed breakfast (oatmeal for the oatmeal dream in What She Left Behind and Ritz Bits because they’re Sara’s favorite). Besides giving presentations, I got to meet with the book clubs from both schools. The kids had great, well thought out questions! One of my favorites was how the title to What She Left Behind had been picked! My answer (I don’t know, the marketing team decided) was not nearly as interesting as the reasons they came up with:

– Sara knew her mom would have never left the necklace behind

– Sara left behind her former life, her innocence

They also wanted to know why Sara had a dream about drowning in a bowl of oatmeal instead of a bowl of tomato soup! (Uh…it was a dream I had as a child)

A big thank you to library media specialist Catherine Kerns and all the students and staff who helped make the day a blast!